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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some common FAQs :

 01  How do I access your Quick Support App?

For clients that need remote support, we provide a quick support app which allows us to remote control your computer when you need assistance. Please follow these step to download and properly install our quick support app:

  1. Click on this URL link to download the app:

  2. You will be presented with a web page and the application will start to download automatically

  3. Once it does and finishes, look in your Downloads (or your set Downloads location) folder

  4. Follow the directions provided on the download site to get you going


02  Do you offer yearly support contracts?


The short answer is yes. We offer yearly contracts for individuals and for businesses that includes a personal IT professional for desktop support and/or someone to answer your computing questions. Instead of having to pay hourly for each individual support call, a yearly contract is a convenience for the customer. Please send us an email or call with any questions.


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